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Luggage industry case

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    This May, there is one thing happened on the Shanghai International Expo exhibition , perhaps filling bags of luggage industry material selection will be some changes.
     There is one luggage company joined the Shanghai exhibition, on the list of large and small showcase various styles to provide exhibitors choose and visit. We readily open up a bag, found it stuffed with wrinkled newspaper, obviously these papers is to fill the bag, to show the full  and three-dimensional of bags in the show. We want to test if their ideas are correct, we opened again a few bags, each bag is really filled with newspaper. Wei Wang’s new product WIAIR3000 is just one kind of making filling bubble machine. Then we discuss with the manager about the machine, at our proposal, the manager agreed to try our air cushion machine.
     Compared to traditional ways to fill , wiair3000 inflatable bags bubble machine has the following advantages.
     1, green and good appearance: inflatable bags and food wrap material is the same material, non-toxic, have good appearance.
     2, save raw materials: a thick layer of paper folded into a ball of paper bags requires only a few bubbles can be completely filled
     3, to experience higher-end: the traditional newspaper always give those consumer one feeling , which lack high-end feel , wiair inflatable bags are more simple, good appearance, and environmental protection. Easier to enhance product figure..
     4, lower cost: one roll of inflatable bags bubble film can produce 3000pcs, it needs 6 pcs bubble to fill the bags , so total can fill in 500pcs bags. Far less than the cost of the newspaper.
     After the trial, the luggage manager accept Wang Wei's wiair 3000 ,through the first attempt, greatly improving the brand image of their products.