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Why luggage industry for use inflatable bags

时间: 2017-06-26 14:06:22  浏览量: 1019  

    Wiair 3000 production bubble bags have a lot of applications in the industry. Express transportation, fragile goods packaging, luggage industry also applies why inflatable bag it? Below we list several reasons.

     We all know that when the purse on the counter sales, for beauty will put some padding material in purse, so, purses looks very full. Conducive to show details of the product. So inflatable bag is such a product suitable as a filling material. Lightweight and clean so that it can give customers a better experience.

    Meanwhile purses will have their own brand, wiair 3000 bubble bags also can provide customized logo for clients service, such as purses and filling material is printed with the same product logo, to enhance the brand of luggage.

    When a customer needs to buy bags when express mail, wiair 3000 also provides a special inflatable bags for packaging. In the process of express transportation, always protect luggage. It is the principle of protection products is very simple, through the product wrapped in inflatable bags, inflatable bags by cushioning to reduce impact during transport to protect the product. So wiair 3000 inflatable bag is also suitable.