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Buffer the advantage of the bubble bag

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    Buffer bubble bag is a common use packaging material by electricity supplier currently with it’s wide range of uses and applicability. Since the bubble bag’s self-inflating feature, so it has the performance of light weight, flexible,  soundproof, Shockproof , anti-wear, waterproof , anti-moisture and compression. It is the best choice for dispatching valuable goods, cosmetics, fragile items and etc.
    Buffer bubble bag is one of many packaging materials. It’s belongs to filling category of packaging bags. In the past, businesses in order to make goods prevent from damage during transport, often use a lot of EPE, and waste newspapers etc traditional fillers, when consumers receipt of the goods, for those filler they treat as general garbage to throw away , this phenomenon is not only caused environmental pollution but also formed unnecessary waste, a large number of the filling of garbage also reduces business’s image. WiAiR buffer bubble bags is widely used on package , can be used for packing various types of products, because the material has a transparent appearance, good protection, recyclable, reusable and other characteristics, favorite by much of businesses and consumers .
    According to our investigation and analysis, businesses use these traditional materials corresponding cause some unnecessary problems. First, the aesthetic problem. Although use old newspapers as a filler can play a role to protect the goods, but inside seems like a pile of garbage, for customers, there is no use and no aesthetic value at all. Second, the quality problem. Some high-grade expensive commodity, if been packaged by ordinary and simple cushion , not only reduces the merchant's image but also will let business lose confidence by customers . Third, the storage problems. Old waste materials have big volume, it requires relatively large storage space. So it can not be underestimated for enterprise pay more investment on warehouse storage space. Fourth, the efficiency problem. Traditional packaging materials. Fifth, product contamination problems. Product inside been contaminated is the most serious problems, which may use customer return goods and cause batch of high-grade products become defective goods, there may even suffer the consequences of the termination of cooperation, Pay more attention by enterprises .