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Suggestions about air bags

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    At present, many luggage industry has been changing with the inflatable bubble as the filler material, then put the bags in the number of inflatable bubble is suitable for it? Currently purse put bubble bag filling can be divided into the following categories, one is customized according to the size of the inflatable bag purses. Such inflatable bag size for purses, but also beautiful. But in addition to be customized, it is not easy to spread.
    Except the customized bubble bag size ,there are inflatable bag with same spec and size, how many bubble we should put is appropriate?. The purpose is that inflatable bubble filled in bags is to keep luggage shape, which is beautiful when we display it. So you can put inflatable bags according to the size of bag  . The lower part is wider of a common bag which also has narrow closure.. So at the very bottom of our bags can be placed much closer to the bag mouth inflatable bag inflatable bag placed in smaller quantities, into a pyramid shape. We need to put what extent is it, about two-thirds into the bag it. Thus the filled bags both beautiful and not too much waste inflatable bubble.
     Inflatable bag is not just to maintain the shape of luggage factory,  there are inflatable bags as a buffer material during transportation, but also to reduce the squeeze between bags, play a role in protection products. Wiair 3000 bubble machine made th inflatable bubble, The air condensity fits and its sealed that leads to high productivity., is an essential partner among the transport industry.