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Online shopping Leather Bag Case

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    Before the online purchase of a bag, the courier brought back the entire purse is pushed completely deformed, when before online view, it is like. I did not expect to get a sense of the hands of the differences so big, totally affected their shopping experience. If you have the right package, I believe it will be a very good shopping.

    For luggage these products, because inevitably there will be squeezed in the way express transportation and collisions, it is prone to the above said problems, not only affect the customer's shopping experience, and will affect the quality of luggage store. How to find a suitable packaging, can not only beautiful but also play a role in protecting the product of it. In fact, Wang Wei's wiair 3000 inflatable bag luggage industry is a very suitable packaging material. Inflatable bags either on the purse as the filler material, keeping the shape of handbags factory, it is possible to prevent the impact and effect of squeezing through the package to achieve.
Inflatable bag as luggage packing material there are several advantages:
1, the material clean, material wiair 3000 inflatable bag using the same material and PE cling film material, which is absolutely safe and pollution-free environment-friendly packaging materials. Compared to similar cartons, foam have better security.
2, wiiar 3000 inflatable bags but also can customize their own logo, it can help sellers improve their brand degree.
3, compared with other packaging materials, as well as inflatable bags that low cost, fast production of production, without accounting for inventory a bit, corresponding to the small and medium enterprises, it is the packaging material artifact.