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Air bag is more suitable for packaging

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    Wiair inflated air cushion film is a kind of stuffed bubble,belong stuffed bags
    Wei Wang Office Equipment Co., LTD design it according to the luggage industry with waste paper or other waste materials , the purpose is to replace These newspapers and other waste material from the production of traditional filling material.
    In previous network marketing businesses in the packages, to make the packages can maintain a perfect shape when customer receive it, often use EPE, waste paper and other filler filled in the packages, for these luggage handling internal filling is nothing more than the same when the garbage thrown away, but this filler did not play the role of aesthetics in vain to increase the amount of garbage generated.
    According to the survey analysis, businesses in the use of these filling materials are also produced some unnecessary problems:
First, the appearance problem. Using waste paper as a filler packages shape even though it can make beautiful, but to open the package to feel stuffed a bunch of garbage, there is no aesthetic will lead to customer resentment.
Second, the quality problem. seller ship packages have a high standard in every detail, if we use WiAiR inflated air cushion, then we can enhance the overall grade.
    Third, the storage problems. Traditional filling material larger relative and storage space is also large, but WiAiR inflated air cushion itself is made of 5% Film and 95% air, saving storage space is great for the seller
Fourth, the efficiency problem. Internal filling each package requires placement of fill material back and forth several times, so instead of reducing the overall packaging efficiency, business efficiency is the idea which is contrary profit.
Fifth, product pollution problems. Product pollution is the most serious internal problems, which can lead to customer return the goods, there may be a batch of high-grade products become defective substandard goods, there may even lead to the failure of business
    WiAiR inflated air cushion in the design and production of the original intention had been the perfect solution to these problems. WiAiR inflated air cushion are designed according to product specifications , can be a perfect fit with the packages Inside,no longer need a lot of filler. In addition, WiAiR inflated air cushion itself is non-toxic and biodegradable raw materials for the material, completely non-toxic, odorless, does not pollute the environment but also allow customers to have a good impression .