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Online shopping development is inseparable from the auxiliary column Bags

TIME: 2017-05-22 09:05:02  VIEWS: 1675  

21 century, the net purchase of goods which is already a form of consumer behavior, and the share is growing. With the growth of e-commerce continues to increase, but also continue to promote the economic development of the industry.
    Packaging, everywhere need packaging, packaging plays an important supporting role in life, the rapid development of online shopping times, but also led to the development of packaging industry, which cushion packaging market more fiery!
    Currently online shopping package, mostly plastic, kraft corrugated boxes, plastic foam boxes and paper tape. With the development of online shopping, many businesses and customers are aware of the importance of packaging safety, especially for fragile commodity, the commodity merchants tiers wrapped up, like the sick and wounded, as was tape paper wrapped layer by layer, although safety net purchases of goods plays a role, but when the customer received the package from the courier hands, always a knife, scissors on together, layers of "peeling." Until when removing goods, packaging waste has piled a lot, there is no re-use value, into a pile of garbage. The rapid development of online shopping, but online shopping package, but can not keep up the pace!
    Until recent years, this situation began to get attention, against net purchases of goods safety cushion packaging to give innovative research and development. One of the most representative non genus column cushion packaging bag.
Column bag may be said to be in the 21st century the most potential cushion packaging materials, bags column can effectively protect the safety net purchases of goods transported. Bag composition is extruded from the column PE and nylon made with anti-stretch, anti-deformation effect. Bag shape column is a column composed of separate, so called column bags, each filled with a column in the air, independent air lock, there is no interference between each other, a common protection products.