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What role for Inflatable bags in online shopping ?

TIME: 2017-05-22 09:05:30  VIEWS: 3686  

    Online shopping in our lives and do not belong to a new term, from grandma down to the students, have continued to enjoy the fun of online shopping, like our young people is inseparable from the vibrant online shopping.
    According to reports, the world's leading management consulting firm Bain & Company in Shanghai recently issued the "2013 China E-commerce market research" shows that Chinese consumer spending online shopping has reached 1.3 trillion yuan, will soon surpass the United States, and is expected to maintain 32% of annual average growth rate in 2015 reached 3.3 trillion yuan. Report that China's e-commerce consumers more choices, change their buying behavior. More importantly, the impact of electronic commerce on shopper behavior is not limited to online shopping preferences, but also affect their offline shopping. More and more people continue to shop online, consumers shopping online is simply required to worry about whether the product is genuine, whether true performance. However, the seller will not have to worry about these, but the courier breakage problems. Express facing violence incidents continue to occur, we should continue to enhance product packaging problem, without affecting the warehousing, packaging speed, package cushioning performance conditions how should we choose this as a "shield" of packaging stuff?
    Inflatable air bags is to act as a buffer models use a new type of cushioning material composition. Volume weight is very small; and inflatable packaging process simply - Packaging can be completed; cushioning performance is powerful, single bubble can withstand more than 50KG compression. In this popular online shopping, courier crazy times, you need this can save you time, space costs, cushioning properties of the inflatable bag to serve as powerful your 'hood. "