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Packaging industry demands rapid surge in the replacement rate

TIME: 2017-05-22 09:05:20  VIEWS: 2648  

    Packaging equipment industry will rise faster in developing countries, but equipment manufacturing capacity is still led by the industrialized countries. Our various industry packaging machinery demand was increasing trend. Domestic packaging industry varied, but relatively speaking, nearly one class of packaging machinery can not meet the needs of many industries. Thus, the domestic demand for packaging machinery from related industries should actively look for more in the way of good development, while improving the applicability of packaging machinery may well be a good response.

    Packaging machinery industry needs related to food, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical machinery, printing and many other industries, and with the strengthening and the gradual improvement of people's consumption level of China's economic strength, the development of these industries is precisely to China's packaging machinery to provide a broader development prospect. The development of the domestic packaging machinery can not be measured simply by extending the production scale, the more important is a better grasp of the mechanical quality and enhance the ability of technological innovation of new products.
 It is reported that affected national macroeconomic, bag making, filling, sealing, packaging machinery, corrugated board production equipment, metal packaging container processing equipment, pulp molding equipment, vacuum packaging machinery pace of development of the five packaging machinery will be greatly accelerated. Constantly improve the five speed packaging machinery will directly promote the improvement of product profitability.    

      International market will continue to increase demand for packaging machinery, especially in some emerging countries, developing countries, such as the world's second-largest food producer in India, although the total amount of food production is amazing, but supporting the food industry in India scale is relatively small, with the rapid development of India's economy, people's living standards continue to improve, for processed foods, fast convenience foods increased demand, therefore, for food packaging machinery, food processing machinery to facilitate strong demand. And China's food packaging machinery, due to the good quality and low price in India has been welcomed. Also Chinese enterprises should vigorously develop the UAE packaging machinery market, these emerging countries, demand for packaging machinery is very impressive.

     There are relatively few in the country specializing in the research and development of packaging machinery manufacturers, which is our current deficiencies. But in many packaging machinery manufacturers continue efforts in the domestic packaging machinery manufacturing, metrology, technical performance, etc. have achieved good results, especially with a complete set of beverage filling equipment, fast, high degree of automation, excellent reliability and other characteristics. Also in the food packaging machine technology have also been greatly improved and enhanced. Electromechanical integration, making the demand for automated packaging machines doubled, packaging machinery and equipment in the next few years demand will grow rapidly.
    The market is constantly changing, in China's packaging machinery and equipment are constantly improving, and in the development process, the better the product quality is extremely important, companies should develop the international market, so as to make China's packaging machinery out of China to world.