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Magic mushroom cushioning packaging material

TIME: 2017-05-22 09:05:13  VIEWS: 2977  

    Dell continues to promote green power policy package to promote sustainable development. Dell today announced the start of the test using the mushroom packaging. In the coming months, you will learn more about the material. We are proud to be the first to start a trial Dell mushroom packaging products for shipping technology companies.    

    technology, which uses cotton, rice, oatmeal and other general small agricultural waste instead of polystyrene foam and polyethylene foam cushion packaging materials and other applications. We have in the laboratory of mushroom cushion extensively tested to meet the high standards that we protect the products during transport, mushrooms packaged with outstanding performance passed the test. Now, we are ready to take the next step. Dell will initially on PowerEdgeR710 server multi-pack of packaging trial. We will put four systems in one box, thereby greatly reducing the use of packaging materials. For customers, reducing the number of the box to make it easier and more rapid deployment server. A box of multi-piece dress plus mushroom cushion, namely the achievement of a green solution. Which is the best thing about organic mushrooms cushion after use is very susceptible to degradation into fertilizers.

    Mushrooms pads reason unique, because it is natural growth, rather than man-made materials in the traditional sense. The following is its production process: cotton shell and other waste into a mold, followed by injection of mushroom spawn. Cushion from mushroom spawn, through the growth cycle of 5-10 days, the formation of the root structure of mushrooms (scientific name mycelium). And all the energy of which form all the necessary cushion provided by the agricultural waste in carbohydrates and sugar, without consuming carbon or nuclear energy. 

    Mushroom packaging and Dell in November 2009 enabled the bamboo packaging complementary. Mushroom packing for heavier products, such as servers and desktops, and bamboo packaging features more suitable for laptops and smart phones and other products. Currently, nearly half of our consumer notebook Inspiron series products use bamboo packaging shipments. At the same time we begin to bamboo packaging for Latitude laptops sent to corporate customers, Streak VenuePro tablet PCs and smart phones.

    Over the past few years, Dell has made significant progress in the development and use of environmentally friendly packaging solutions. 3C strategy we have adopted, namely: Volume (Cube, reduce packaging size), material (Content, what materials to use box), as well as to facilitate the recovery (Curb, use can be recovered directly in the street material).

    At the same time we have developed a very aggressive target. By the end of 2012, Dell plans to reduce the use of 20 million pounds of packaging materials during transport. By 2012, we also plan to reduce desktop and laptop packaging 10%, the cushion material and recyclable corrugated packaging materials increased by 40% and ensure 75% of the packaging material can be recycled at the roadside.

    California's "Fortune Brainstorm Green conference," we discussed this topic this week. Last week, we 'Initiative Japan Customers - Sustainable Development "from participating in the activities of customers, experts and blog owners to obtain positive feedback.

    Announced today the news is Dell strengthen its environmentally friendly ways to help customers protect and deliver the latest technology initiatives of this commitment. This is the green power that will help our customers to do more.