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The application of the pharmaceutical industry

TIME: 2017-05-22 09:05:37  VIEWS: 2452  

    Plastic packaging material is widely used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, not only for tablets, powders, granular pharmaceutical packaging, can also be used pasty, liquid and lined carton packaging drugs, all kinds of plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic foam hood packaging gradually replace paper bags and glass bottles and other traditional packaging materials, pharmaceutical packaging accounted for the largest share of the market. At the same time, the packaging industry has followed has been expanded, insiders pointed out that the buffer bubble bag in the food, pharmaceutical and personal care products in the field of rapid development, became the highest rates on the market packaging materials, and the buffer bubble bag needs the intensity is increasing year by year.
     In general, most of the electricity network provider in the transportation of food commodities, the use of all conventional packaging fillers, such as bubble film, stretch film, plastic foam. But these filling materials have a fatal drawback is easy to contaminate food. In order to change this situation, WEI WANG company. under the national food safety standards, the use of non-toxic and environmentally friendly raw materials created a new type of packaging filler -WiAiR bubble bags.
     With the application of demand for packaging materials continues to expand, but also produces a number of adverse factors that many businesses in the packaging and transportation of goods is still using the traditional bubble film, stretch film and other materials, the packaging material is mostly made use of non-degradable materials into this material on the environment pollution had a significant impact, with increasing international awareness of environmental protection, in order to control environmental pollution, many countries have introduced the corresponding plastic film Buy environmental policy to encourage people to energy saving, reduction of green This traditional plastic films had an impact, but as technology constantly updated, can replace traditional plastic packaging materials began to emerge, environmentally friendly biodegradable materials market began to be popular, including biodegradable plastics to be self-decomposed after use etc., gradually replacing traditional plastics into the market competition.
     It is understood, WiAiR bubble bags are being favored by more and more people's electricity supplier, transportation and warehousing costs increased and people's increasing emphasis on the safety of packaging materials for many businesses see the buffer bubble bags in many packaging materials Advantage. More and more businesses start using WiAiR bubble bag to replace traditional packaging materials .