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Choosing the right packaging

TIME: 2017-05-22 09:05:32  VIEWS: 2294  

    Believe there are many sellers have experience that commodity being suffered damage in the delivery process. The Internet also often exposed a lot of courier company when sorting items are very violent, many goods with bad package therefore suffer damage . Although violent sorting problem has been pay more attention, but this still occur, you want to ensure the safe transport of goods to the customer, only by courier companies to standardize is unrealistic, the best solution is to think a good way by itself, using the appropriate packaging material, select the best packaging, to solve the problem fundamentally safe delivery!
    Violence sorting can be said that the courier company in order to enhance the efficiency of the sorting of goods caused by acts, but also because of this, many courier companies in order to ensure the efficiency of cargo sorting refuse acceptance --- liquid because liquid can easily transport the damage occurred during transit, and once damaged it may contaminate the liquid to other express.
     According to Wei Wang company’s investigation of courier goods damage cause reasons , in large part because the packaging is not solid, does not use a suitable filling material and cause voids in the box, because the fragile, easily damaged merchandise…ect, such as high requirements merchandise, that protection of transport require are very high, so often advocacy in many courier companies in the "basic requirement of packaging can not have a real gap inside the box, also consider the commodity to ensure that natural fell to the ground from a height of 2 meters without damaging .
    So when seller packaged goods, must to choose a suitable filling material to packaged goods, especially those belonging to the fragile category of goods, Wei Wang company specifically recommended WiAiR buffer bubble bags. When express delivery, buffer bubble bags as a inner package , that inflatable sex characteristics can be more comprehensive and reduce suffer collision force or pressure on transport , even if one of the bubble bag appears damaged, the rest of the bubble bags bubble effect will still be able to protect merchandise. WiAiR as the new packaging material on packaging industry, not only with low cost of warehousing, production fast, but also clean and beautiful, improve product quality and so on. After buffer bubble bag has been filled inside, outer carton sealing six side with plastic tape , then can prevent goods suffer damage during transit .